Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 23


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 23


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Hera’s pov:
I followed the strange looking persons and they were starting to act creepy.
They were about four of them and I really wondered why they looked different.
In Marazona, they were such kind of people there.
They looked really different from the way I look and the way the people of Marazona looked.
As we continued to work,on The stange looking persons would occasionally glance and at my body. The stare was something that held so much and I haven’t seen any body in Marazona stare at someone that way.
The look felt creepy and I didn’t like it.
“Where exactly are we going?” I asked and stopped walking with them.
They turned sharply and stared at me with those eyes and it was starting to piss me off already.
“Why are you starting at me like that? Do I have some kind of dirt or something on my face?” I asked, feeling twitchy already.
They glanced at each other and laughed like I’ve just asked the most funniest and crazy in the century.
“Where exactly are you taking me to? Are you sure you really know Delaney?” I asked and wrapped my hands around my body which was cold already.
I was shivering a little because of the breeze and weather.
Everywhere was already dark and where we stood, there wasn’t even a single soul passing by.
“Of course we know her.” One of them smiled and I could tell it wasn’t a genuine smile.
“Really? If you know her then how exactly does she look?” I asked the question that I failed to ask before following them like a lost and obedient puppy.
“Erm. She has a blonde hair.” Another spoke with a nervous laugh.
“Yes, yes. She has a blonde hair.” The rest of the strange looking persons agreed.
“Really?” I scoffed and snorted angrily.
“You are all bunch of liars! Delaney doesn’t have a blonde hair!” I hissed angrily.
“Really? Erm, you see…” The shorter of the strange people laughed nervously.
“You wanna trick me! I’ll just look for her on my own!” I hissed angrily.
I tried to walk away but I felt a hand forcefully grab my wrist.
“Not so fast pretty!” One of them smirked and squeeze my boobs.
Did this strange looking whatever just touch my boobs?
I slapped his hand away and gave him a deafening slap.
The others looked really shocked and dumbfounded as they stared at me like I’ve suddenly grown two horns on my head.
“Don’t you dare try that again!” I snapped at him.
As I made to make a move again, they suddenly circled around me.
They had this mischievous and devilish look on their faces.
I tried walking away but a hand pulled me back.
And then, I heard a very strict and commanding voice.
“Let her go!”
I tilted my head and strained my eyes in the dark and I finally caught a glimpse of a woman just like me.
But why exactly are they wearing strange leaves?
This wasn’t what we used to where at Marazona.
The boys grumbled noisily and snapped their fingers at me.
“You’re lucky she came in time to save you and we respect her alot. Else…” The taller of them groaned angrily.
The four of them greeted the woman whom I haven’t really gotten a close view of, and walked away.
“Hey there.” She called and walked up to me.
“Erm, hi.” I replied and furrowed my eyebrows at her.
“What are you doing naked outside by this time of the night?” She asked calmly and ran her eyes all over my body.
“I don’t really know. My leaves suddenly left my body and I just found myself naked not really knowing why.
But I’m here to find someone; Delaney.” I explained calmly.
She looked at me strangely and scrutinized me with her eyes.
“Really? Don’t you have a home?” She asked.
“I have but not here.” I replied.
“What do you mean by that? Never mind. Do you have a place to stay for the night?” She asked.
“Nope.” I shook my head negatively.
“Follow me so you could stay at my house. And then, we can also talk better about yourself.” She offered nicely.
I hesitated for a while but I really felt the need to trust her.
And thinking about it too, I don’t really even know where to sleep.
I don’t even know my way around.
And who knows, she might even know Delaney.
I nodded and head positively and agreed to follow her.
She pulled something strange away from her neck and wrapped it around my body.
It didn’t entirely cover my nakedness but it did help a little.
“What’s this? Is this some kind of leaves or what?” I asked.
“Huh? Leaves? This is a scarf.” She said and stared at me strangely.
“You’re really acting weird and strange.
But let’s go so we can talk better.” She said held my hand in hers and we both started walking away.
Xavier’s pov:
I really don’t even understand Chelsea again.
What’s up with her?
Is she trying to play the role of my girlfriend or mom in my life?
It isn’t gonna happen.
These days, she’s acting too clingy and it’s getting tiring already.
She’s already lucky enough to get to talk to me and even touch me when other girls are dying to even get touch me, but she’s going too far when she’s trying to pry into my personal life.
We aren’t even an item and she’s acting clingy and all, seriously.
I really don’t want to hurt her feelings too because we’ve become really very closed.
Delaney’s pov:
I smiled lightly as I fixed what the woman called a *uniform*.
I wore my shoes and stood in front of the room.
I looked really different: in a good way.
The uniform fitted me so perfectly and it wasn’t too tight or too short. It was just decent enough for a student.
The woman already helped me with my hair. My hair was braided in a style the woman called *french hair braids* and an *hair pin* was placed at the middle of the hair.
Oh my! I really looked beautiful even without anybody telling me.
I looked like a wealthy princess.
I don’t know why the woman had to put enough efforts on getting me ready for school.
It’s a school and not somewhere else right?
But still, I love the new look.
We ate breakfast and Xavier avoided eye contact with me throughout and I felt kinda bad.
I really wanted him to spare even if it’s just a quick and side glance; but he didn’t.
“Xavier dear.” The woman called her son as we made to leave for school.
He stopped walking and groaned lowly.
“I want you to take care of Laney in school okay? It’s her first time there and I want you to keep an eye on her and help her out okay?” His mother said with a sweet smile.
“So mom, are you trying to say I should babysit her?” He huffed and rolled his eyes.
“If that’s the word you call it then it’s fine. But I just want to to take care of her.” She smiled.
“Whatever mom.” He grumbled.
“Okay bye Delaney, bye Xavier.” She smiled and waved lightly at us while I waved back.
I bent my head nervously as I trailed behind Xavier to the car.
We got to where I presume it’s the school and my mouth flew opened.
I was really so bedazzled and awestruck as I looked around.
We alighted from the car and Xavier didn’t even bother to wait for me before walking into the school compound.
I hurriedly walked behind him and continued to stare admiringly at the tall buildings.
This school is so far different from the one we used to have in Marazona.
Everything here looked really beautiful and some things were strange to me.
Chelsea walked up to meet Xavier just half way and they talked briefly.
She looked surprised and shocked to see me but she quickly changed her countenance.
She gave me a hard glare and rolled her eyes at me.
Chelsea held his hand and walked pridefully with him.
I noticed the students staring admiringly at the both of them while some of them gave me strange looks.
Chelsea occasionally turned to look angrily at me as we walked to only God knows where.
After I was told my class, fortunately for me but perhaps unfortunately for Xavier and Chelsea, we were in the same class.
I was really happy because at least, I won’t feel too lonely.
We finally got to the classroom and all eyes suddenly darted towards us.
I lowered my head because I felt shy and nervous.
I was in front of new and many persons!
Xavier reluctantly showed me my seat and I muttered a low thank you.
When I got to my desk, there was a strange looking object which is rectangular in shape and the colour was pink.
I looked at the thing confusingly and I seriously had no idea what it was.
I tried opening it but I couldn’t.
I was just too shy to ask a student for help.
I tried all possible way I could and I still couldn’t open it.
I turned the side, the down, up, left and right, but I still couldn’t open it and students were already starting to gawk at me.
I dropped the thing back on the desk and sighed softly.
Shortly, a teacher walked in and after making me introduce myself, she opened the strange object I also had.
It opened and it looked kind of two.
I was really confused because I didn’t see how she had opened it.
The students started opening theirs and I tried copying them but I still couldn’t.
Tired and frustrated, I hit the object hard on the floor, expecting it to open.
But suddenly, a loud gasped broke out from the students and teachers mouth.
Delaney self ehh???
Who knows what she broke? ?
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