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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I felt the eyes of everyone in the church on me but I didn’t care, I ran out of the Church through the majestical entrance door and came out of the porch to see her at the gate.
I ran out of the porch and couldn’t see her any longer at the gate, the heat of the sun was weaken and I knew it a signal that doom loomed.
Ugochukwu came out of the church with some other guests and my family members.
Ugochukwu: why you dey mad na? why you dey shout Veronica upadan person wey dey America.
I shook my head as tears flood down my cheeks, my eyes were bloodshot from the cruel realization.
Me: Veronica don die, Aisha don kill my Balenciaga.
I pulled off the top suit and went inside the car ignoring the camera men and the appearance of Aisha, I got inside the car and drove to Governor’s residence.
Luckily I find the two of them in the sitting-room engaged in intense lovey-dovey, immediately I stepped in their two got up from the couch with surprise look on their faces didn’t realize I was looking like a mess already.
Governor: son, what is the matter with you?
Me: oh! my fiancee, Vero why! oh God!!
Madam Stella: be calming down, have a seat and explain what happened, *look at a maid* get him water.
I sat down and the glass of water was served, one gulp the glass was totally drained from water.
I calmed my breathe and narrated the failed travel of Veronica and death of Carl at the process.
the adoption of Veronica and then the marriage proposal of Aisha with resulted to the ghost of Veronica appearing to me in the church during the wedding.
Me: I want justice, that woman is wicked.
Governor: do you have evidence concerning this?
Me: no.
Madam Stella: are you sure your fiancee is killed or is just hallucination?
Me: am sure, oh! Veronica!!
I cried weeping profusely as I dropped from the couch to the marbled floor looking miserable, the Governor left us and went out of the sitting-room to make calls.
He came back after some minutes looking gloomy.
Governor: the police has recovered her body it was gathered that she was killed in a process of gun battle.
Me: which station?
He informed me of the station and I ran out of the house, got inside the my car ignoring the Governor and his wife beckoning on me to calm down.
I nofit calm down, I drove to the police station and asked the police to show me her lifeless body.
Officer: you be her relative? na federal government body she be abegi, no disturb us.
Me: *I clutch his neck* show me her body! na my fiancee!!
Other police officers seeing the situation came for rescue and had no choice but to show me her body.
I gathered her lifeless body to myself and weep.
All my hope of raising a family with her was broken to different pieces without mercy, this woman called Aisha am coming for you.
I was forced to leave the body as it was about taken to the mortuary, Ugochukwu called and I gave him directions to the station were I was.
We all left the station after her body was taken away, I was wretched for days after that heart-wrecking day.
The bury was fixed and she was buried with military ovation.
The day before the day we were to be sworn into office, I visited her grave with Ugochukwu with beautiful flowers.
The few days I spent it in his house nursing my great lose.
I stood around her grave wishing she could come back alive or her ghost to live on but all were wishes I knew they will never come through.
Me: I think say you wan marry me, why you just leave me with so much hope. Em dey sweet you as I dey cry like this, why you just die without fighting for life?
Ugochukwu: forget all these nollywood she no go hear you.
I left there after spending some minutes there swearing to get back at those involve in killing my own Veronica.
On our way to Ugochukwu’s house I received a call from Aisha after weeks of silence from her, I picked call immediately.
Me: you evil witch, I promise say I go marry you why you kill her?
Aisha’s voice: no be kill her, if you wan know who kill your girlfriend or whatever come to my house.
She ended the call after she had vomited that nonsense, Ugochukwu gave me an askance look alternating it betwixt my phone and my face.
Ugochukwu: who be that person you wan kill with ancestral curses?
Me: na Aisha, she talk say no be she kill Veronica if I wan know who kill her make I come her house.
Ugochukwu: ona try, so you wan go see that woman?
Me: yes, I wan go see her to know who really kill my Balenciaga.
Ugochukwu: you go try drop me for that junction before you go visit satan wife.

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