Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 158


Oga Landlord Episode 158

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Me: both of you keep quiet! *I scream*
They both looked confuse as they look at me with questionable look, I looked around and saw that we are in pleasure park were children could play, I pulled over and parked the car.
Me: you both should come down and play.
I came down from the car and the two of them came down also.
Baby: okay, daddy.
Johannah: he isn’t your daddy.
Me: Johannah stop it!
Baby: daddy, is she my sister?
I was tempted to squeeze their two mouths and make them shut up once and for all, but the two lovely and good looking kids were catching cruise with such serious situation, the angel wey give me these kind children em no go better for you oh!
Me: just go and play, am tired.
Johannah: okay.
Both of them turned and went to the place were children were gathered doing their thing, I walked to a solitude area in that place and sat down on a concrete seat.
They were asked to hold hands and formed a circle by a uniformed instructor, watching them play and smile made my spirit to come alive. How can Sassy and Johannah support that I can’t stay away from my kids, I can’t give Johannah to Profit to train up for ever while I go visiting them, it makes no sense.
Will Profit love Baby like her own child too? she is always quiet and don’t even have time for herself talk more of having time for kids, always busy.
Baby: daddy!
My body shiver because I didn’t even know when she ran to me, Johannah and Baby stood before me shocking me.
Johannah: stop calling him daddy, he isn’t your daddy.
Me: both of you are my daughters, different mothers but the same father, I am father to both of you.
Baby: is she my sister?
Me: *I go break this pikin head oh* yes, she is your sister, sweetheart.
Johannah: if she is my sister then am the older one.
Baby: you are not older than me, you are just taller.
Me: she is your older sister, darling. I will buy you ice cream if you accept her as your older sister.
Baby: I like ice cream very much so I will accept her as my older sister, I love you older sister.
Johannah: I love you younger sis.
Me: both of you hug daddy.
They both hugged me with their little and fragile body, the energy and comfort their little bodies brought to me was overwhelming and am very proud to be their father.
Beautiful lady: are they your kids?
I looked up and saw a fair young looking beautiful lady on a red gown, it was noon and the sun wasn’t joking when it said am out to shine. Her shadow sha.. I looked carefully to see her face.
Me: yes, they are my daughters.
Beautiful lady: wonderful, beautiful children of a handsome father, what of their mom wish an their mother.
Johannah: why are you talking to my daddy? my mommy said beautiful lady shouldn’t talk to my daddy.
Baby: did your mommy say that? *Johannah nod* my mom said women always steal daddy away.
Me: both of you stop it.
Beautiful lady: cute kids, did your mom say all these? *they both nod* is good, you should protect your daddy from been taken from your mom.
Baby: why are you talking to our daddy?
Johannah: she want to steal daddy.
The thing just tire me I had to hold both of them by their hands and apologise to the lady that was spellbound then drag them to the car, both of them were very excited about going home and am not at all to meet Profit and Sassy wey be bigger wahala.
Johannah: am hungry daddy.
Me: eat me.
Baby: what of the ice cream, daddy?
Me: lick me.
Both of them were silent as I switched on the car engine then drive out of the place, some minutes later I pulled over in my house.
Me: we are home.
Johannah: am sorry, daddy.
Baby: me too.
Me: am not upset with both of you, lets go inside.
I opened the car door and they both stepped down and grabbed each one of my hands, I opened the entrance door and saw Profit with Sassy waiting for us.
Both of them got up from were they are sitted to welcome.
Profit: welcome, sweetheart.
Profit wanted to hug me but Sassy nudge her aside and Profit landed a slap that was meant for Sassy on my face.
Profit: what is wrong with you?
Sassy: are you talking to me?
Sassy wan knack am gboosa but na my face em land again, how on Earth the slap no go Profit wey dey stand close to me face.
Me: both of you stop it!
My cheeks were burning, both of them suddenly started laughing.

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