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Oga Landlord Episode 159

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I looked at them and wonder why they were laughing seriously after offending me, I looked at Profit and she had her palm covering her mouth while Sassy was busy laughing too, my two kids were looking at me with puppy eyes expecting what I should do.
I just fumed and sat down on the sofa looking at both of them who quickly stopped laughing and ran to sit by my sides, Profit started rubbing my left hand while Sassy rested her head on my arm soothing the boiling anger in me.
Profit: am sorry, you left with both kids without caring if they have eaten or not and returned them this evening, what kind of father are you?
Sassy: am sorry too, you shouldn’t have left when your future wives *my head explode for the future wives* are quarreling, you should be a man and handle issues.
Johannah: am hungry, mommy.
Baby: am very hungry.
Profit: you see.
Sassy: both of you come gat something special for you girls.
Naso of them waka go dinning me just carry myself go my room, when did Profit and Sassy became friends that they planned coup against me, I was totally confused with what just happened earlier.
I wore short without shirt and laid on the bed to rest and think about my final decision.
I made up my mind to pretend that am sick instead of been forced to marry two of them or decide to take one of them as wife and another enemy added to Dolce and Gabanna that have done enough harm already, I slept off.
A knock woke me from my sleep and the voice that I recognized to be Profit asked if she should come in, I purposely didn’t want to reply so that my sickness go legit.
Profit: hey, am gonna come in if you are not going to open up.
She pushed the door opened and saw me lying under the duvet eyes wide open, she looked remorseful and came over to my side on the bed and sat.
Profit: are you still upset about what we did?
Me: am… head hurts.
She was alarmed and she started touching all over my body, checking my eyes as if say I tell am say am blind she then moved from that one to feel my pulse.
Profit: you are perfectly fine, what kind of headache is that?
Me: slap headache.
Profit: *she laugh, very beautiful laughter* Vic, stop it okay. We already apologize, am a doctor before I took over my dad’s companies nothing is wrong with you.
Me: yenyenyen na you go tell me if I get headache or not, my head hurts.
Profit: what are you afraid of?
Me: both of you, if I choose Sassy over you how will you feel?
Profit: I thought you wanted to marry both of us for threesome or so.
My eyes bulged in their sockets threatening to escape, she started laughing again wondering how Sassy was able to influence Profit who doesn’t like talking too much to be talking anyhow.
Me: did you smoke with Sassy, you seem overly active and otherwise?
Profit: I am happy about everything you know, am perfectly fine with whatever decision you make. Come down for dinner.
She kissed my forehead and got up from the bed then walked to the door, her yansh rumbled beneath the beautiful bumshort mehnn.. That a-ss no be here sha..
I dressed up and came down to see the whole family around the table chatting happily, Baby quickly rushed over to me.
I carried her up and gave her a smack kiss on her both cheeks, I really felt bad concerning her mother sudden death.
Baby: daddy, I thought you said my mommy is flying, how come I have two mommy?
My brain sparked I looked at Profit and Sassy who were both busy eating, these two people intend to make my life enduring hell and the better I pick one of them to end every misfortune the better for me.
Me: yes, they are your mommies and you have plenty mommies, I will show you another mommy tomorrow.
Her eyes nearly left her sockets as her little fragile body shivered in panic in my arms.
Baby: you want to marry more wives?
Me: Baby, no.. Go and eat.
Baby: okay, daddy.
I sat down and ate then watched my little family talked and had fun while eating, I think Sassy and Profit are both pretending about the rivalry betwixt their two for the kids or did a miracle happen while I was away, all these punani people are at it again.
I told Sassy I wanted to see her after we are done eating, we went up to the balcony just both of us.
I was just reciting what I wanted to say to her before we got to the balcony, I closed my eyes not to see her face and remember the promise I gave to her daddy.
Me: I am sorry Sassy, you are beautiful and kind but I can’t marry you. *with one breathe oh*
I still closed my eyes expecting slap from either side of the cheeks because all these America people can slap even when them wan tell you I love you, after closing my eyes for sometime and the slap didn’t come I opened one eye first dey look wetin happen.
I saw her smiling and grinning with her beautiful teeth.
Sassy: why are you scared, you are a man? I ain’t gonna break your balls.
Me: balls? *I locate my hands to that area*
Sassy: you such a clown, I have nothing against your choice but still if Profit mess up with you gonna snatch you right away from her.
Me: *I smile* thank you, Sassy.
Sassy: come here give me a hug.
I gave her a hug and immediately we disengage she left, I think she is beginning to get emotional I really feel bad for her concerning the bond she might have formed with Baby and the hope of marrying me when she comes to Nigeria is all gone.
I held the banister and looked at the city from the view of my balcony, someone hugged me from behind and her soft bre*asts pressed on my back.
Profit: thank you, Vic.

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