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Oga Landlord Episode 160

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I turned and wrapped my arms around her while she buried her head in my chest, we stayed like that for some minutes before I spoke.
Me: thank you so much, P. *she release herself*
Profit: why are you thanking me?
Me: for training our daughter and not making her hate her father who left you for years without come looking for both of you.
Profit: as long as you are here the past doesn’t matter, the future is all I see.
She looked serious and her eyes dance with alluring light, her lips were so enticing that I couldn’t restrain myself from lowering my own lips on it and sliding my tongue inside her mouth.
Her hands curled around my neck while she ran her palm on my face, I shifted the nightie she wore to expose the flesh on her arm and then moved to her waist.
We kissed for some time before I ended the kiss and watched her looked daze, I ran my fingers around her face and she released the breathe caught in her throat. She smiled at me and my heart was warmth.
Me: how come you never got married, your dad is so rich and influential.
Profit: my dad wanted me to abort the child but I refused, we really had a fight when I was with the pregnancy so I had to return back to State with the help of my mom. never came to Nigeria till Johannah was of age
Me: but you are managing his companies?
Profit: he had no choice because am his only child after he lost his only son to plane clash, he begged me to return back to Nigeria.
Me: why didn’t you get marry then? because you are beautiful and also famous too.
Profit: does that guarantee peaceful marriage and happy ever after? I decided to look for you for two years before considering other options.
Me: how come Johannah recognize me and I didn’t?
Profit: I couldn’t forget that night so I just created another image of you from the one of that night and it actually related, so how come you didn’t remember you disvirgin someone that night?
I was shocked so Profit was actually a virgin before I enter there or she just dey pepper them oh!
Me: I was drunk that night and didn’t even know how I got back to lodge, I woke up the next day to take my bath and saw blood stains on my di-ck. I was just shouting menstruation upadan that day I even went to the hospital to check sef.
She and I laughed at my stupidity before we kept quiet and stood closely watching the city nightlife from the balcony, we stayed there late before I finally decided to sleep but Profit wanted to spend more time with me.
I asked her to come and sleep in my room that night, I was surprised she agreed and we walked down to my room supporting each other.
I got ready for bed and joined her, she lay my body while I wrapped my arm around her.
Me wey nodey use sleep joke don enter gear one, I felt her leg rubbing my own.
Profit: are you awake?
Me: umhh…
Her hands searched for my bulge under the duvet and felt it, she was doing things to arouse me but sleep no gree that one sweet pass se-x whenever I don tire for life.
I woke up the next day only to be the only person on the bed wondering where Profit has disappeared to, a knock landed on my door and Sassy appeared.
Sassy: hey, you up already?
Me: yes, am sorry about last night.
Sassy: gosh, forget about it already, am here to tell you am leaving for the state this morning.
I was shocked and felt bad knowing I have actually broke her heart, wish I can make her happy but happiness isn’t find in the land of trouble because marrying Profit and Sassy as wives can replay world war 2 in person pikin house.
Me: if that will make you happy, am fine with it.
Sassy: yeah, thanks.
She gave me a defeated smile and she opened the door to step out, I hurriedly went inside the bathroom to take my bath and brush my mouth. With towels around my waist Baby opened the door and rushed in with her uniform and Johannah following.
She ran on top my bed and started jumping on it with her sandals, always disturbing my life every school day.
Baby: daddy! am happy!!
Johannah: you will stain the bedsheet.
Me: J, where is your mom?
Baby: she is preparing for work, daddy. and I am preparing for school.
Me: both of you come and give daddy a hug.
Both of them came to me and I embraced my two spe-rm that have seen years under the sun, Mary my room cleaner informed me their time to clean the room, I had to ask the kids to follow their nanny and go jare.
Before I dressed up for work and came down Sassy and Profit were the only one at home, the kids must have left for school.
Sassy picked up her things and I offered to drive her but she rejected it, and left me no choice but to ask my driver and security aides to escort her.
Me: have been looking for you, P.
She didn’t answer instead she got up and tried to leave, I had to forcefully hug her because that lady can be ignoring people anyhow whenever she is in her avatar stage.
Me: why are you angry with me?
Profit: I will be late to work, Vic.
Me: I will drive you.
I kissed her cheek before letting her go, I stormed the dinner because my stomach empty because family wahala no allow local man eat at all. Profit came down when I was done with breakfast looking stunning with her official out-fit, nobody wey go get this mad shape no go model I swear.
I added two weeks behind me when I held her hand and stepped out of the house like boss and boss lady, my gardener and domestic workers were admiring the federal couples in the city.
We got into the car and ignited the engine.
Me: am a terrible sleeper, you can even kidnap me while sleeping, no vex about last night.
Profit: that isn’t how to be remorseful, I was thinking…
Me: wetin you dey think? read the bible more often especially moral book written by Solomon.
Profit: oh God, what a civilized man.
Me: I am good in bed, I have lay several people that can’t let me go.
She turned and her face hardened in disgust, she didn’t like what I said about my lay capacity.
I think say she go like get husband wey get P.HD for bedroom matters but now she nodey happy again, why virginia people and confusion be like five and six?

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