Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 161


Oga Landlord Episode 161

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

She looked away and I apologised for misbehaving but she ignored me, I had to drive out from my residence down to her work place.
On our way she refused to talk me and I didn’t really give up on making her to talk.
Me: I can’t wait to marry you then take you go see my mama.
She looked at me and then looked away.
Me: I love you my spaghetti.
She looked at me quickly with eyebrows raised and then looked away.
Me: I want to eat you my delicious moimoi.
She didn’t bother looking at me but she voiced out unbelievable and looked away ignoring me totally till I parked in her work place executive parking lot.
Me: I will come pick you when you are done, give me a call.
She didn’t answer but I knew she won’t anyways ’cause Profit always switch to this mood whenever she doesn’t get what she desire.
I drove to the government house and I was shocked how my security aides followed me from behind, these guys how them even know where I dey person nofit drive freely.
I entered government house to hear say governor dey with him commissioners, I waka go the conference hall to see the commissioners come dey wonder if the person wey them give commissioner for my L.G.A don do anything, I laugh when I counted all of the people wey dey balance for their chairs there come realize say all of them nodey useful at all.
I met with the governor and whispered to him then left for his office, I waited in his office until he came in.
Governor: hope you are doing fine, how you dey prepare for your election this coming weekend?
Me: things are going well, what are the works of the commissioners?
Governor: *he laugh* just to advice the governor na and collect salary.
Me: no be waste of money to fix roads and infrastructure be that?
Governor: even though them nodey useful, you nofit try am. Because you need cabinet to share our oyel money with.
I began to wonder if these people are just elected to share money, the governor started telling me how he is going to earn one million everyday doing nothing as senator that is why he is vying for senate in his constituency minus allowances.
I had a call from Profit and I quickly picked it after signaling the Governor that I wanted to receive it.
Me: hello, my salad.
Profit didn’t even answer me instead she ended the call, I took an excuse from the Governor and left.
I drove directly to Profit’s company and saw her standing in the executive parking lot.
She hopped in when I parked the car.
Me: how was work today, my sugar pum pum? *I kiss her cheek*
She didn’t answer me instead she looked away and folded her arms, my eyes went directly to her delicious cleavage and I licked my lips.
I heard that cleavage gave longevity, all thanks to science I have added a year to my life.
Profit didn’t talk to me even when we got home, I had to let her rest because she has been attending meetings upon meetings.
I was in the room watching movie since I no get job but to bear deputy governor upadan, when my kids returned through the front door.
Baby: daddy! *she scream happily*
Boom she have ran to were I am with her tiny legs, Johannah appeared looking calmer and beautiful with her uniform whereas Baby have started pestering me already.
Johannha: good afternoon, daddy.
Me: afternoon my better pikin don’t mind this efulefu *rubbing Baby’s head*
Baby: daddy, what is efulefu?
Me: a child with brains *I kiss her forehead*
Johannah chuckled knowing what I can do, I had to call the nanny to drag Baby up to change her uniform because she have started doing like small witch again.
They all came down for lunch with their mom Profit.
Me: my indomie were you sleeping?
Johannah: who is your indomie, daddy?
Me: your mom.
Baby: why is mommy indomie?
Me: because she is sweet like indomie.
Baby: okay, can I be sweet like indomie too?
Me: when you grow up *Profit open her mouth*
Johannah: but mom isn’t answering you, daddy.
Me: she is practicing the role that she will act in a movie tomorrow.
Profit: you ain’t serious *laughing*

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