Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 52

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Story Oga Landlord Episode 52

All the hero wey Ugochukwu wan show don go waste, em wan still give Shantel the body-builder or rather monster.

Body builder: barking louder wey the girl?

Ugochukwu: se…e a..m se…e a..m.


I saw his finger moved to my body, the Body builder looked at me with fires in his eyes. My brain come dey fail, I no know my gender again. I first carry my hand go my groin if something is missing, I felt soft palm grabbing me from behind.

God of Abraham why Shantel dey hold me, no wonder the guy dey look me one kind bad red eye say na me dey prevent em meal.

I didn’t know how I did it, I disappeared and appeared in my room breathing and panting like someone who has ran away from death. After some minutes Shantel joined me in the room with the same speed I got inside the room.

Shantel: sir, wetin be that? pointing at the door

Me: I first peep for the door what?

Shantel: that guy.

Me: oh! na human being you dey call wetin be that?

Shantel: is that one still human being.

Me: ehem na… your boyfriend go find them trouble when them dey do umhumm… umhumm..

Shantel: blushing he isn’t my boyfriend na, hope he will not kill him?

Me: I don miss burial rice.

I laid on the bed tryna catch my breathe when Ugochukwu bursted in ranting angrily, wetin pain me be say my expensive gucci shirt don tear as the gorilla grab am. They will be looking for chimpanzee and gorilla to put in zoo while lots of them are walking around the whole City in form of human being.

Me: why my shirt tear na? I nodey like this kind thing oh!

Ugochukwu: you no ask me of my face na shirt you dey ask me of? the shirt better pass my life ranting

Me: thank God you know.

Shantel: uncle Ugo…!! I cut in

Me: which kind love name be that? his name is Ugochukwu.

Ugochukwu: I dey vex oh!! just warn yourself before I do you wetin I forget to do the guy.

Me: my carry am come so that you go do am?

Shantel: why do you go and disturb those couples na?

Ugochukwu: scratching his head I think say na our room.

Me: liar!

Ugochukwu: lawyer!!

Me: he was jealous.

My phone started ringing and the caller was my Manager, I picked it quickly and he confirmed that he is in the address with the cash.

Me: guy, my manager don come.. Come make we dey go.

Ugochukwu: I nodey follow you before you go go put me for another wahala.

Me: Shantel please beg your boyfriend na. that one sweet Ugo ehnn

Shantel: uncle Ugo, please escort your friend.

Ugochukwu: na because of you oh, I agree to follow this wicked friend.

As if he has a choice, am his friend for this life and afterlife. We went out together making sure we avoid the hallway that connects the gorilla, we got inside the car and we drove to were my manager is. It wasn’t really far, we met the man in the car and I took the money from him after tipping him.

I got inside the car with the bag of money in hard currency, so that the bills won’t be too many. I asked him to change it to hard currency.

Ugochukwu: guy, wetin you wan use all these money do?

Me: when tomorrow reach you go know.

He drove the guest house and parked then we went in, we got inside the room and met Shantel watching television.

Me: hungry never start to catch you?

Ugochukwu: me I wan eat oh!

Shantel: I will eat later, this drama is so interesting.

Ugochukwu: my first bath.

Ugochukwu unclad himself and got inside the bathroom, while I went to hid the money properly. I also pulled my clothe and remained only on boxer, I decided to use the toilet since the bathroom were both separated from each other.
I was inside the toilet re-writing nature WAEC when I heard…

Shantel voice: screaming Jesus! Jesus!!

Wetin happen again na?



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