Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 78


Oga Landlord Episode 78 (Full Story)

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.



Episode 78

Wetin she talk shocked me like transformer, my eyes bulged like they want to escape from my sockets. I grabbed her palm from my cheek and removed it.

She started laughing, what she said doesn’t seem funny at all.

Madam Stella: see your face na, hey.. I love you and I no wan share you.

Me: I sigh heavily I love her, am not breaking up with her. But I go still remain your sugar boy.

Madam Stella: her face tighten and suddenly beam okay, fine she raise her hands

Me: I’d like to go inside.

I went inside the house and met Ugochukwu watching Television with serious attention.

Me: guy, what’sup?

Ugochukwu: o boy them dey do primary election oh.

Me: who dey win?

Ugochukwu: governor na.

Me: thank God, I wan sleep as I dey so.

Ugochukwu: go your room go sleep, I no want stay with sinners am keeping my celibacy till I get marry. I no want make you inflict me with your fu-ck fu-ck spirit.

Me: I hiss come jack me commot.

I drifted to sleep, after sleeping for hours Ugochukwu woke me shouting happily.
I got up and rubbed my eyes, stared at the mumu celebrating before me.

Me: why you wake me na?

Ugichukwu: governor don win oh! you suppose to dey celebrate.

Me: wetin be time?

Ugochukwu: almost 8pm.

Me: I wan chop.

I climbed down from the bed and walked out of the room, I came downstairs and find Benita closed to the staircase landing.

Benita: good evening, sir.

Me: beautiful Beni, I wan eat. Am famish.

I heard foot-flaps on the staircase coming down, I looked up and find Ugochukwu coming down.

Ugochukwu: make it for two.

Benita: alright sir and sir.

Me: make my own special.

Benita: wetin ona two wan eat?

Me: fried rice.

Ugochukwu: and chicken garnish it with turkey.

Benita: I will back in a jiffy.

Both of us moved over to the dinning table and settled, later Madam Stella walked pass the dinning section and saw us. She came over.

Madam Stella: am so happy.

Ugochukwu: congratulation ma, for your victory.

Madam Stella: thank you so much Ugo, Vic I want see you after you are done.

Me: no problem.

She walked away Ugochukwu stared at me suspiciously, I wonder wetin they run for em mumu mind sef.
Benita and some other maids brought the food and served us, we ate quietly.

After we are done, we both relaxed. Jack came in with a bag.

Jack: madam say make I give ona this bag.

Me: my manny, how far na? I take the bag before Ugo could reach for it

Jack: I dey oh.

Ugochukwu: you fu-ck up oh, you no even tell us say them wan bury Michael.

Jack: make ona no vex, his phone start ringing I will be back.

I brought out the phones and took the one that my name was written on a tape on it, the phone looked expensive and I no go talk the name. Them no pay me to advertise any phone winks lol.

I switched it on and it showed network provider, I surprise as I see MTN oh! I come dey wonder if I dey normal ’cause I dey scroll through my own contacts.

Ugochukwu: them don retrieve our lines finish.

Me: I for talk oh.

A message came into my phone from Madam Stella.

‘I need you in my room now’.

I smiled.

Ugochukwu: why you dey smile like aturu?

Me: aturu dey smile?

I scrolled through contacts and landed on Cynthia, I dialed her number and she picked.

Cynthia’s voice: this one you call me, hope you no wan ask me for rent oh!!

Me: why you too dey fear to pay rent? Ehnn.. I wan ask you for something.

Cynthia’s voice: anything except money, am all ears.

Me: abeg, send me Veronica number.

Cynthia: that one na small thing, you go just se…

I ended the call settle bend her mouth there, I got up from my chair and stepped out of the dinning.

Ugochukwu: where you dey go?

Me: as my father or papa?

I hissed and went directly to Madam Stella’s room, along the hallway leading to her room. There were no security unusual, because everywhere for the house na security security.
I opened the door and closed the door, I looked around the magnificent executive bedroom.

I heard water splashes in the bathroom.

Madam Stella’s voice: remove your clothe and join me, baby.

I removed my T-shirt and short with boxer, dropped it on the marbled floor and entered inside the spacious sparkling bedroom.
I met her under the shower, the bathroom looked like a different paradise.

Madam Stella: I need you behind.

She turned and held the wall, shook her a-ss and grabbed her left bu-m then spank it.
My di-ck rose and I walked towards her, she bent and pushed her a-ss into me.

My prick don achieve him full size at that critical hour, I ran my palms on her flawless soft enticing bums. Pulled the cheeks apart and positioned my rod, I drove in with a powerful thru-st.

Madam Stella: oohh gawd! baby, fu-ck me like that!

Me: aaahhh! I gro-an

I moved my both palms to her br-easts and felt the two dangling melons, I started moving my waist going and out of her we-t pu-ssy. We were so engrossed in the act that we didn’t know when the door was slammed open.

Governor’s voice: honey am home laughing boisterously hahaha!


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